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With 76% of Indian adults being Financially Illiterate, we are not prepared to handle personal financial crises like the one presented by Covid-19. We don’t want our next generation to follow our footsteps

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MoneyProTM Financial Literacy Assessment Test

Measure your child’s Financial Quotient

M:FLAT is a comprehensive assessment tool developed by experts in the field of youth financial literacy that assesses your child’s financial knowledge, attitude and behaviour

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Financial Literacy Course for Kids

Teach your child the fundamentals of money & finance

MoneyPro is India's only structured e-learning program that teaches the fundamentals of money and finance to young adults* in a fun & engaging way

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*Recommended for ages 10 to 16

MoneyProTM Financial Literacy Assessment Test for Kids

Covid – 19 has been a grim reminder of an age-old financial wisdom – save for a rainy day.

76% of Indians are Financially Illiterate, as is anecdotally evident from the fiscally irresponsible behaviour of every 3 out of 4 people you know – borrowing money at interest rates of 40% (think Credit Cards), not investing, not saving enough for retirement, going on foreign vacations by taking personal loans…the list goes on.

We don’t want our next generation to follow our footsteps.

Financial Literacy is now globally recognised as an essential life skill.

You can manage your child’s financial well-being but first, you must measure it. You cannot manage what you can’t measure!

Measure your child’s financial quotient.

This test is about Assessment of financial literacy. Assessment of children’s capacity to apply their financial knowledge and skills to real life situations involving financial issues and decisions.

How well prepared are students to participate in the new financial systems that are becoming more and more global and complex.

For Whom

For 12 to 16 year olds

Preparation Required

None. This is an assessment of your child’s current level of knowledge and his or her ability to apply this knowledge in real life situations. You don’t need to prepare for that. This test is to be taken as a diagnostic test to determine the course of action to enhance your child’s Financial Quotient.

The Assessment Process

  1. Click here
  2. Fill up the registration form and follow the instructions
  3. The first part of the assessment is a survey questionnaire. These questions are not a part of evaluation
  4. The main assessment tool has 30 questions. Time allotted is 1 hour
  5. The detailed result will be mailed to you in 48 hours.

What Dimensions of Financial Literacy Are Measured?

M:FLAT views financial literacy from three different angles and presents a three dimensional view of the test taker’s Financial Quotient. These dimensions are

  • The Knowledge Dimension: Age appropriate knowledge and understanding of financial matters
  • Transactional Know-how: Earning Money, Payment Types, Monetary Transactions
  • Planning Tools: Money Management, Budgeting, Managing Income & Expenditure; short & long term planning horizon
  • Understanding of Risk: Concept of risk and reward, risk mitigation, Insurance, financial gain and loss in investments
  • Understanding of the Financial World: Financial Institutions, financial environment, public policies
  • The Application Dimension: Ability to apply the knowledge in making financial choices and decisions
  • Information Seeking Behaviour: Seeking financial information, Identifying and understanding its relevance
  • Analytical Mindset: Processing information in an analytical manner; interpreting, comparing, extrapolating, cross referencing
  • Evaluation of Financial Issues: Financial justifications and explanations
  • Action Orientation: Application of knoweldge and understanding to take financial decisions
  • The Context Dimension: Situations in which financial knowledge, skills and understanding are applied, ranging from the personal to the global
  • Occupational: Education / Work
  • Personal Situations: Home & Family
  • Self-Impacting Situations:
  • Society Impacting Situations
  • Each of the 30 assessment questions is tagged to one component each of the three dimensions. Additionally, each question has a difficulty level ranging from 1 to 5. For example:

    Q. No. Knowledge Dimension Application Dimension Context Dimension Difficulty Level
    Q. No. 21 Understanding of Risk Analytical Mindset Personal Situations 3

    How to Interpret The Result

    The Financial Quotient is measured as an overall number on a scale of 0 to 600 and represented in a continuous scale.

    SoistiFi Financial Literacy Course

    Further analysis is done on each component of the three dimensions.

    Click here to take the assessment now.

    These are tough times. So we are making the assessment free.

    MoneyPro Financial Literacy Course for Kids

    "Financial education should start at school. People should be educated about financial matters as early as possible in their lives" -

    Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

    Three fourths of Indians are not financially literate. The right way to tackle this invisible epidemic of illiteracy is to address this problem at the inception stage – the formative years of a person.

    Financial Literacy is not about knowledge of money and finance. It’s a combination of

    • Awareness
    • Knowledge
    • Skills
    • Attitude
    • Behaviors

    to make sound financial decisions and ultimately achieve individual financial wellbeing

    SoistiFi’s Financial Literacy Course is designed to make the child a truly financially literate child

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