A 10-year-old child will enter the workforce in the 2030s and will continue to work well into the 2060s. It’s going to be a different world then, and will require different skills to achieve success


The world is getting complex, and the pace of change is accelerating – the world will change far more in the next 30 years than it has changed in the last 30.

Your children need a vast repertoire of skills to achieve success and happiness in the 21st century

The core subjects – Languages, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Government and Civics, Art, Information Technology form the basis of knowledge

These are necessary, but not sufficient. In the future, 21st century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, an ability to collaborate, and to communicate well will grow multifold in importance.

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We know that you are working very hard to keep the lights on. We know that it’s not easy to run a school nowadays – you have to manage an enormous number of stakeholders – parents, teachers, government, local authorities and most importantly, the learners. We know that pedagogy principles are changing every day, and you have to keep up with the latest in education technology.

There is an enormous pressure on you to achieve excellence.

SoistiFi’s gonna help you do that – our bouquet of online e-learning courses deal with topics that are difficult to deal with, but are absolutely essential for children to learn to achieve success in the 21st century.

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About Us

SoistiFi was born out of a simple idea – is the regular school curriculum enough to prepare our kids for the future?

A future so different that if we somehow time travel to the year 2050, we’ll be shocked out of our senses

The technological shift expected in the next 30 years will far greater that what we have experienced in the last 30

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