For Parents

The world is getting complex, and the pace of change is accelerating – the world will change far more in the next 30 years than it has changed in the last 30

Your children need a vast repertoire of skills to achieve success and happiness in the 21st century

The core subjects – Languages, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Government and Civics, Art, Information Technology form the basis of knowledge

These are necessary, but not sufficient. In the future, 21st century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, an ability to collaborate, and to communicate well will grow multifold in importance

SoistiFi’s courses prepare your child to deal with the challenges of an increasingly complex world. From financial literacy to digital literacy to career and entrepreneurship, our bouquet of courses imparts crucial life skills to your child

The course currently available for subscription is MoneyPro Basic - our flagship course on Financial Literacy.

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